Millennial Farm Truck

Objavljeno 20. apr. 2021
Ogledi 401 994

A regular 1 ton Chevy pickup won't do. Custom Offsets hooked me up with some major truck upgrades from Kryptonite Products, Cooper Tires, and Anthem Wheels! #customoffsets #truck #build
If you need anything for your vehicle, check out Custom Offsets right here:
Here's the specific build:
Lift: Kryptonite 2" Stage 3 leveling kit
Kryptonite Death Grip Tie Rods
Kryptonite Sway Bar End Links
Wheels: 20x9 Anthem Rogues in Black and Milled
Tires: Cooper Discoverer STT Pros 35x12.50R20
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Becky Johnson

Millennial Farmer
  • Custom Offsets

    Custom Offsets

    Pred 20 dnevi

    Shewwwww trucks lookin good now!

    • Jason 0

      Jason 0

      Pred 14 dnevi

      Beautiful Truck except the chevy sighn. JK It is a good looking truck. Wheels are matched well to the Truck. Cool video.

    • Basil Fitzsimons

      Basil Fitzsimons

      Pred 17 dnevi

      9m l

    • Paul Copeland

      Paul Copeland

      Pred 18 dnevi

      @Eric E Go away. Quit trying to start shit.

    • waterskiingfool


      Pred 18 dnevi

      That made the truck look sweeet

    • Memes and Music

      Memes and Music

      Pred 18 dnevi

      @Green Bastard he pulls the header, and fuel trailer, and other things sometimes

  • country flyer

    country flyer

    Pred 14 urami

    Great video...however your truck looks as the ass end is higher than the front ... unless you install air bags you will look like a amateurer when towing anything heaver than a couple of 50lb bags of anything in the bed!!! Sorry just my opinion, I hate trucks that are nose high!!

  • Lyle Thomas

    Lyle Thomas

    Pred dnevom

    I'm jealous

  • Joseph Pinheiro

    Joseph Pinheiro

    Pred 4 dnevi

    This is the coolest thing ive ever seen!! I never thought this channel and custom offsets would team up! I love both channels.

  • Mason Kautz

    Mason Kautz

    Pred 6 dnevi

    Dude that truck is sick I love what the lift did

  • Aiden Fisher

    Aiden Fisher

    Pred 7 dnevi

    “No it’s gonna flip it” haha had me going thanks for the good entertainment Keep up the grind.

  • J LO 2

    J LO 2

    Pred 8 dnevi

    Yay for new flag and boo gas engine truck. Like why.

  • 57fitter


    Pred 8 dnevi

    Yes! You get an attaboy for that flag replacement,Zach.

  • Carl Wellman

    Carl Wellman

    Pred 9 dnevi

    Gator trailer brakes

  • Max


    Pred 10 dnevi

    Needs tint

  • Gene Murphy

    Gene Murphy

    Pred 11 dnevi

    And yet MrsMF has a cracked windshield

  • Brent Williamson

    Brent Williamson

    Pred 11 dnevi

    Glad to see you're supporting a business from where I live/grew up!

  • Bal Jeet

    Bal Jeet

    Pred 11 dnevi

    I need work pls help me

  • Stony Run

    Stony Run

    Pred 12 dnevi

    Definitely would get rid of the chrome running boards

  • Asher's trains

    Asher's trains

    Pred 12 dnevi

    You should lock up your stuff also love the vids

  • iBelieve


    Pred 12 dnevi


  • Johannes Dolch

    Johannes Dolch

    Pred 13 dnevi

    Looks amazing. Many tuner things are stupid but this is great. I am sure the additional ground clearance is also very useful on a Farm Truck.

  • Don F

    Don F

    Pred 13 dnevi

    Glad you poor farmers can afford a couple million dollars worth of green way over priced equipment to put in your climate controlled “shop” that is bigger than the town I grew up in.. How much was your welfare check last year? Yes it’s welfare it comes out of working mans taxes and has no benefit to the greater good. Good for you man !

  • Derrick Crews

    Derrick Crews

    Pred 13 dnevi

    Adjust headlights?

  • tduffysd


    Pred 13 dnevi

    I had me a brand new Chevy duramax just like yours. And probably within 1.5 hours from where you live, near watertown, SD, pulling my competition BBQ trailer I got into an accident that did 58,000 to a $80,000 truck before it even had it's first oil change. That sucked. They are so hard to find, but I did find a red LTZ duramax in Luverne. So on to 2nd 2021 Truck.

  • Cody Buchheit

    Cody Buchheit

    Pred 13 dnevi

    Let me know when your ready for tint on that truck. Have a tint shop in central MN 320-248-8801

  • Travelin Thru

    Travelin Thru

    Pred 13 dnevi

    And Farmers say they're not making any money when they can take a brand new truck modify it and have people come do house calls to do it

  • Henry Madigan

    Henry Madigan

    Pred 13 dnevi

    No running bored would look sick

  • Steve Duncan

    Steve Duncan

    Pred 14 dnevi

    Man the front of that is butt ugly. Love the upgrades tho

  • Joseph Quintiliani

    Joseph Quintiliani

    Pred 14 dnevi

    STT Pro's are a fantastic tire.

  • Richard Good

    Richard Good

    Pred 14 dnevi

    Funny Mike Mitchell and his wife got the same exact truck earlier in the year! Haha that's great.

  • J PR

    J PR

    Pred 14 dnevi

    Using jack stands?

  • Jacob Stevenson

    Jacob Stevenson

    Pred 14 dnevi

    Is that the 6.6 gas or 6.6 diesel

  • Swift_


    Pred 14 dnevi


  • Noah Barr

    Noah Barr

    Pred 14 dnevi

    Put a front bar and rear bar on it

  • Ransom Tester

    Ransom Tester

    Pred 15 dnevi

    Chevrolet #1 👍👍👍cool

  • plowtruckdriver


    Pred 15 dnevi

    Two boxes and that chevy was overloaded, lol . Nice truck looks awesome

  • Ryan Gaynor

    Ryan Gaynor

    Pred 15 dnevi

    Now all you need to do is trade it in for a Blue Oval and you will have a real truck! Lol!

  • James Morton

    James Morton

    Pred 15 dnevi

    OCD Much?? Lol 😂

  • Adam Good

    Adam Good

    Pred 15 dnevi

    Remember when these government farmers cry and say “we need the government check to stay competitive”. New truck, combine and tractor... I shed a tear for you poor “welfare farmers”

  • Bill Farmer

    Bill Farmer

    Pred 15 dnevi

    I've put the Kryptonite Deathgrip stage 4 kits on two pickups! They are stout.

  • Charles Lynch

    Charles Lynch

    Pred 15 dnevi

    Awesome looking truck

  • Jaquavius Bryant

    Jaquavius Bryant

    Pred 15 dnevi

    I’m scared for your wife whenever she gets a chance to drive it 👀

  • Kevin Fischer

    Kevin Fischer

    Pred 15 dnevi

    Did you still have your rims from your last pickup?

  • Josh Schultz

    Josh Schultz

    Pred 16 dnevi

    Anna has seen the welkers dog coby ridding in the cab and wants a ride too.

  • c_alright


    Pred 16 dnevi

    That sharper knife comment.... someone send this man a Microtech or ZT!

  • Ezra Ducat

    Ezra Ducat

    Pred 16 dnevi

    When the only two channels I watch come together to make a video

  • Dale Did

    Dale Did

    Pred 16 dnevi

    2:25 geez the camera

  • SLlandscape


    Pred 16 dnevi

    A little more attitude to let everyone know whose the boss...
    ...My wife is gonna hate that. She's not be able to get in.
    Later that day in the house when Becky is editing...
    So Zach, tell me about who the boss is?

  • Phalanx380


    Pred 16 dnevi

    common mistake wheel is tire + rim

  • Shane Douglas

    Shane Douglas

    Pred 16 dnevi

    Mate your ute looks the goods champion. Can you convert to right hand drive and post it to me in Australia cheers .👌👍

  • aXe


    Pred 16 dnevi

    Two things Zach.
    1. Thanks for the Old Glory update nice to see you taking care of the church flag!
    2. You're going to hate that tailgate when the switch quits working it happened to my buddy surprisingly early.

  • Andrew Asche

    Andrew Asche

    Pred 16 dnevi

    How to turn a farm truck into an oil field truck lol

  • david law

    david law

    Pred 16 dnevi

    I really enjoy your channel. I’ve never been any where near a farm, total city dweller here. Thanks for giving me a glimpse into a great American tradition. I made a donation to Farmers Rescue organization in your name, it’s not much but it maybe it’ll help a little bit.

  • Dave Reeder

    Dave Reeder

    Pred 17 dnevi

    Love the flag change. Gave me the idea to keep a flag in my truck.
    News wheels and tires are cute, but it’s a crying shame what Chevy did to the new trucks. They went from one of the best looking trucks ever built, with the previous generation, to one of the ugliest trucks ever! Amazing!

  • Motor 2of7

    Motor 2of7

    Pred 17 dnevi

    Nice build. Remember to readjust your headlights

  • Brp Fan

    Brp Fan

    Pred 17 dnevi

    Sorry Zach the factory wheels look way, way better! I am not a fan of black wheels.

  • Marela


    Pred 17 dnevi

    Looking good!

  • Dave Petrovich

    Dave Petrovich

    Pred 17 dnevi

    Truth, the actual truth, 4 short comings need tall story

  • kaden godley

    kaden godley

    Pred 17 dnevi

    Every time you upload a vid it makes my day

  • Mark J Hensel

    Mark J Hensel

    Pred 17 dnevi

    You mean "WHEELS and Tires", not RIMS.

    • Mark J Hensel

      Mark J Hensel

      Pred 17 dnevi

      Nevermind, I see you corrected yourself a minute or two later... Proceed...

  • Farmnorway


    Pred 17 dnevi

    Is those tracks for the planter a option from factory? Or is it a aftermarket?

  • Mike Miller

    Mike Miller

    Pred 17 dnevi

    Your living a fantasy , will it last ,when will it end?

  • peter penberthy

    peter penberthy

    Pred 17 dnevi

    Cherish them when their this age because you will turn around next week and they will be in their twenty's!

    • Peter Cameron

      Peter Cameron

      Pred 16 dnevi

  • Comfortable


    Pred 17 dnevi

    9:30 I hope that the front sags a bit, to even-up the look. You put some corn seeds in the back and the front will go up.

  • Joshua Timmons

    Joshua Timmons

    Pred 17 dnevi

    “that’s a good size bolt” that’s what she said

  • Straight Pipe Acres

    Straight Pipe Acres

    Pred 17 dnevi

    Not to shabby for a Chevy but it ain't no MORTY lmao. JK. Looks good man!!

  • Jay Ffhbdh

    Jay Ffhbdh

    Pred 17 dnevi

    Next is tint

  • Vince Felizzi

    Vince Felizzi

    Pred 17 dnevi

    It does look better but have you ever considered a different color? When I see a white vehicle I think it's a municipal truck. Just saying. lol

  • Keyston Kreklau

    Keyston Kreklau

    Pred 17 dnevi

    A Chevy com’on bud

  • Corey


    Pred 17 dnevi

    Gotta admit, I'm a GM guy mostly, but this generation of Chevy is really ugly. That truck is really terrible, from a pure design standpoint. I'll stick with the 88-98 stuff.

  • james martin

    james martin

    Pred 17 dnevi

    thank you for the flag change, go USA

  • Kevin V

    Kevin V

    Pred 17 dnevi

    “Good looking, smart, Chevy Truck driving”
    “Replaces worn American Flags.” SUBSCRIBED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • theda850two


      Pred 16 dnevi

      Red, White and Blue too ! Not any of those adulterated and desecrated grey ones..........

  • nitetrane98


    Pred 17 dnevi

    Farming is profitable.

  • Bryce Piche

    Bryce Piche

    Pred 17 dnevi

    That truck is awesome I can’t believe that there is something that beautiful

  • NicT09


    Pred 17 dnevi

    Definitely get the power steps!!! Gives the truck a whole new look and more clearance for the barrow ditch field entrances...

  • David Katz

    David Katz

    Pred 17 dnevi

    3500 looks great

  • Just a person

    Just a person

    Pred 18 dnevi

    Special millennial farmer edition

  • Jeremy Shoemaker

    Jeremy Shoemaker

    Pred 18 dnevi

    Nothing better than being on a farm as a kid.

  • Thamsanqa Skosana

    Thamsanqa Skosana

    Pred 18 dnevi

    Please make a gun trick video

  • dave clark

    dave clark

    Pred 18 dnevi

    need an alignment?

  • Frank Capaci jr

    Frank Capaci jr

    Pred 18 dnevi

    You need to put A MI APO W flag below that

  • Valentus SlimROAST

    Valentus SlimROAST

    Pred 18 dnevi

    are you ever fortunate ~ that's more rainfall than we had all last year

  • Tuco Benedicto

    Tuco Benedicto

    Pred 18 dnevi

    Your dog said the Sellers spoke to your chevy dealer and they have red trucks, but no John Deere green ones.

  • Charlie Moye

    Charlie Moye

    Pred 18 dnevi

    That ain't a farm truck! Way too nice! Looks great

  • Jonathen Sackman

    Jonathen Sackman

    Pred 18 dnevi

    "I didn't think those guys were ever gonna leave" LOL...made me laugh...a guys gotta follow Cole to get that one! 😂

  • LSE LLC (Lumanet Solar Energy LLC)

    LSE LLC (Lumanet Solar Energy LLC)

    Pred 18 dnevi

    looks still like a play-mobile

  • Lantern Lab

    Lantern Lab

    Pred 18 dnevi

    Now realign your dang headlights so you don't blind oncoming traffic

  • Rawele Nyana

    Rawele Nyana

    Pred 18 dnevi

    Like your lorry!! Chevrolet, my favorite, can't afford it in South Africa, but I still love it!!

  • Greg Mercer

    Greg Mercer

    Pred 18 dnevi

    what kind of fuel mileage does this truck get with the bigger tires, it is gas correct? Nice looking truck

  • Benjamin Page

    Benjamin Page

    Pred 18 dnevi

    When we beeped the horn on the gator the farm dog would bark and chew up the grill.

  • me me

    me me

    Pred 18 dnevi

    I thank you for replacing your churches flag. Happy to see other people care about the flag.
    (Not a military member or anything, just happy someone cares, and is productive)

  • Brandon Gustafson

    Brandon Gustafson

    Pred 18 dnevi

    Trucks lookin good but I’m not going to lie, I’m going to miss seeing the grill of old red.

  • claterpillar1


    Pred 18 dnevi

    You're gonna get bad mileage, driving up hill all the time. 😀

  • Chris Cardoza

    Chris Cardoza

    Pred 18 dnevi

    That guy is up selling hard the stock steps are good enough for me if you are going to use it as your farm truck too

  • fireySimon


    Pred 18 dnevi

    As a farmer in Eastern Washington I find it funny when you Midwestern folks say it's dry but then measure your rain in inches. We measure our rain, when we get any, in hundredths. Good luck with your crops this year from the high desert. 🤞👍

  • Robert JD

    Robert JD

    Pred 18 dnevi

    Zac, while your doing that can you change some Cadillac ct-5’s over to right hand drive and send them to Australia.

  • Michael Burchfield

    Michael Burchfield

    Pred 18 dnevi

    Thank you for replacing the American Flag at the beautiful little church. Your patriotism is appreciated! This is 'Merica Y'all, the greatest nation in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • farm kid 13

    farm kid 13

    Pred 18 dnevi

    Im surprised that chevy didnt fall apart after he threw the boxes in the bed

  • Bill delete

    Bill delete

    Pred 18 dnevi

    Farm truck tax write off or is that right off, nice farm advantage.

  • Trevor Rathmell

    Trevor Rathmell

    Pred 18 dnevi

    It’s a Ute mate a truck is a big beast

  • Alex Robertson

    Alex Robertson

    Pred 18 dnevi

    You need a proper grader blade

  • Bigfoot Dude

    Bigfoot Dude

    Pred 18 dnevi

    Great video as always, just wish it was something other than plain old white yuck lol

  • Craig Dixon

    Craig Dixon

    Pred 18 dnevi


  • imjacob5324


    Pred 18 dnevi

    Hey Zach what's going on with the crane at 3:40?