We're Picking Rock

Objavljeno 28. apr. 2021
Ogledi 584 595

We're picking rock and hauling corn. It wouldn't be a day on the farm if something didn't break in the grain bins.
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Becky Johnson

Millennial Farmer
  • Jason Asselin

    Jason Asselin

    Pred 4 urami

    I would like to come see and pick some of those rock piles you have.. Let me know!

  • Scott Mckenna

    Scott Mckenna

    Pred 21 uro

    Cuz and I picked by hand behind the rototiller directed by Pop Pop circa 1959.

  • SoosV


    Pred dnevom

    If you have more problems with the elbow leaking on the hydraulic cylinder use plumbers tape on it, the O-rings just don't cut it sometimes.

  • Fred Richardson

    Fred Richardson

    Pred dnevom

    I miss farm life so much

  • AL M

    AL M

    Pred dnevom

    Sure not much for rocks there. We live north of Regina Saskatchewan where those rock pickers are made, and if you'd see our rocks you'd know why several brands of rock pickers were invented in Sask. the first being invented by Pete Anderson, who was a friend of my Dad's, in Southey Sask in the early 50's. I have a neighbor who worked in the Degelman plant for almost 50 years.

  • John M

    John M

    Pred 2 dnevi

    Teach your kid to stop kicking your dogs. Pathetic!

  • bill45colt


    Pred 2 dnevi

    misleading title,,,,,22 min video,,,,picked 2 rocks

  • This Guy

    This Guy

    Pred 2 dnevi

    The amount of debt they must have.....

  • Boss Dog

    Boss Dog

    Pred 3 dnevi

    I hope you get paid enough to cover the costs of operating all of this machinery.

  • michigandon


    Pred 3 dnevi

    "Back in my day"...we had to walk alongside a loader tractor and pick rocks outta the field BY HAND, and throw 'em in the bucket.

  • steven herrold

    steven herrold

    Pred 3 dnevi

    i have no idea why im watching this

  • graham Moore

    graham Moore

    Pred 3 dnevi

    Yep making money everyway. Farming , You Tube and Sponsors. Its a farmers life.

  • Jonas Strömberg

    Jonas Strömberg

    Pred 4 dnevi

    pre oiled corn for popcorns! 10:49

  • Richard Teeman

    Richard Teeman

    Pred 4 dnevi

    The Rock picker saves a lot of money over long period of time by not getting equipment tore up

  • maximo slendaro

    maximo slendaro

    Pred 4 dnevi

    Smart man doing good preventative maintenance, lots of farmers just drive them without maintenance

  • Solodad


    Pred 4 dnevi

    Rocks, what rocks? Come west young man we will show you rocks. At my old place we would have blown your rock rake apart.
    Thanks for what you do.
    I dont miss the constant repairs.

  • Jon


    Pred 4 dnevi

    As a non-farming person, I think we all believe farmers just get in a tractor and plant all our food, easy right? But you guys really do a great job showing how much work really goes into American farmers, thanks for your hard work and putting food on my table.

  • iBelieve


    Pred 5 dnevi


  • thr8061


    Pred 5 dnevi

    Some farmers use big tools. Others are just big tools. LOL (Just kidding! Farmers need a good laugh from time to time)

  • Carter Lee

    Carter Lee

    Pred 5 dnevi

    Re qqghhjhhhh
    C. G. C.

  • Tractor Khmer Famer

    Tractor Khmer Famer

    Pred 5 dnevi

    I love watching your videos every day and I hope you find something good to watch again. Thank you!

  • Joshua Cooper

    Joshua Cooper

    Pred 5 dnevi

    Cool machine bro

  • Pietu79


    Pred 5 dnevi

    Finnish rock picker machine: https://pel-tuote.fi/en/tuotteet/kivenkerayskone/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIrfXNyO6x8AIVjJiyCh1ORwfcEAAYASAAEgINI_D_BwE

  • Kenny Bates

    Kenny Bates

    Pred 5 dnevi

    What kind/brand of rock picker is that?

  • Ryan McKee

    Ryan McKee

    Pred 5 dnevi

    When he said farmers are big tools.....oh wait he said use.

  • allan barsness

    allan barsness

    Pred 5 dnevi

    we useto pick stones by hand

  • Larry Payn

    Larry Payn

    Pred 6 dnevi

    I saw when you unhooked the quick hitch from the tractor for the stone picker the arms on the skid loader were raised. I have operated a skid loader since 1975 on a dairy farm and still have one even now as I am retired. My first thought when I saw you using it was that I sincerely hoped you were getting on and off the skid loader over the top of the lift arms. In the last 2-3 years two farmers have been killed getting off their skid loaders when the arms were raised and they bumped a valve or a hydraulic line broke. We made it a standing rule to NEVER get off under the arms unless the lift cylinders were blocked or the loader was against some thing so it could not crash down on you. I am nor trying to pick at you, just trying to help you keep safe. You and your whole family do an outstanding job both on You Tube and farming. I've been down some of the same farming roads as you so I have an idea what it is like. Be safe . Larry in Michigan

  • sasor098


    Pred 6 dnevi

    i'm from a place where we get rocks from gravel size too beach balls so we use these https://tegle.no/produkter/steingaffel (sorry it's only in norwegian) too pick anything from big soccer ball and up with the loader on the front of the tractor, and i'd seen that as a good solution for you too, and not having too get outside too pick them up, you just use the front loader too pick the up with. a camera on the front makes this a lot easier. or just mount it on the back if possible.

  • Jason Harper

    Jason Harper

    Pred 6 dnevi


  • rantan1618


    Pred 6 dnevi

    YouTube a few months ago, suddenly decided that i didnt need to see any of your videos anymore, even though i have been watching them for months....

  • J D

    J D

    Pred 6 dnevi

    We're farming Harry! We're really farming!

  • Euan king

    Euan king

    Pred 6 dnevi

    Zach Zach Zach that hitch is called a double touge

  • Vanzilla_Builds


    Pred 6 dnevi

    He isn't beating up the dog then kicks the dog lol

  • lobbyrobby


    Pred 6 dnevi

    You know I pick rocks? With these 2 hands and a pickup like a real man haha. And now I need to buy a sxs so I can "check moisture".

  • Masked Duke

    Masked Duke

    Pred 6 dnevi

    When I first saw the title while scrolling I thought it said we're pickle rick.

  • Brodie


    Pred 6 dnevi

    7:50 One of the best lines from Tommy Boy.....love it!! (if that was your intention)

  • Zifnab


    Pred 7 dnevi

    Rocks grow. it's a fact, ask any farmer.

  • AJ M

    AJ M

    Pred 7 dnevi

    You guy’s should think about wearing a mask in those bins,that dust is not good for you

  • Crandall FixinStuff

    Crandall FixinStuff

    Pred 7 dnevi

    You will never get rid of all the rocks

  • Annie Cassidy

    Annie Cassidy

    Pred 7 dnevi

    l love the john deere

  • Mike Rotch

    Mike Rotch

    Pred 7 dnevi

    The rock crop looks nice this year

  • Philip Petays

    Philip Petays

    Pred 7 dnevi

    not to start a contest, but was wondering how many loads you do a year (rocks) i am at 121 in the first 9 days , two years ago it was 251 for the spring thats time two if the other guy was keeping the same pace.

  • Doogs Smee

    Doogs Smee

    Pred 7 dnevi

    Farmers use big tools ............. did she really say that?

  • yu zhang

    yu zhang

    Pred 7 dnevi

    loved the dad joke

  • HeyImAndrew


    Pred 7 dnevi

    No wonder most farms do not turn a profit! Look at the money in redundant equipment

  • How Ohio Farms

    How Ohio Farms

    Pred 7 dnevi

    Rock boxes are pointless you say, then why is there one on the front of your planting tractor huh?

  • NZ Lyona

    NZ Lyona

    Pred 8 dnevi

    Probably a dumb question but why didn't you have doors on both sides of the shed so you could simply drive in and drive out instead of having to mess about with reversing?

  • Quicksilver282


    Pred 8 dnevi

    I like that Tommy Boy reference at 7:50

  • Spike Smith

    Spike Smith

    Pred 8 dnevi

    rumor has it he's a wd40 farmer that just happens to be a millennial

  • Dustin Slanec

    Dustin Slanec

    Pred 8 dnevi

    At the 3:00 mark. What is that you bolted onto the draw bar? I did a search and csant find it. That would work great on my comact tractor to put a ball on and move trailers around.

  • Niles Wright

    Niles Wright

    Pred 8 dnevi

    soooooo...... rock monsters ARE a real thing :( the nightmares and the movie makers and the things that go bump in the day have a lot to be concerned about!! :(

  • Aiden Johnson

    Aiden Johnson

    Pred 8 dnevi

    Love the tommy boy reference 🤣

  • Jake R

    Jake R

    Pred 8 dnevi

    You should see if you can get your hands on a few loads of asphalt millings right from the job site. Grade it and compact it on a hot summer day. No dust

  • Zippy TheChicken

    Zippy TheChicken

    Pred 8 dnevi

    16:00 mins in before the first rock gets picked... then 3 rocks get picked after considerable effort... and thats it

  • B C

    B C

    Pred 8 dnevi


  • The Dropzone

    The Dropzone

    Pred 8 dnevi

    Who else thought the thumbnail was rc

  • David Clark

    David Clark

    Pred 8 dnevi

    you really need to get your self a mask before you get farmers lung 🫁 Part from that keep up the good work

  • Jacinthe Labrie

    Jacinthe Labrie

    Pred 8 dnevi

    We have the rake and then it's the rock picker ,and it the rain that bring them up ,,,,Darrell

  • kelly marwood

    kelly marwood

    Pred 8 dnevi

    things work better with stuff made in Canada eh bud

    • Moe Hunter

      Moe Hunter

      Pred 6 dnevi

      CANADIAN parts are excellent Quality & much less expensive

  • Eddy Jenkins

    Eddy Jenkins

    Pred 8 dnevi

    wow i like the smile at 15:53 lol

  • Tractor Agriculture

    Tractor Agriculture

    Pred 8 dnevi

    great 😍😍

  • Airsoft Bros

    Airsoft Bros

    Pred 9 dnevi

    oh no he blew all the man glitter off of him with the air hose

  • wayne steven

    wayne steven

    Pred 9 dnevi

    EVIL, EVILS AND ELECTED and APPOINTED OFFICIALS, and others,,, Integrity,, Truths, Right, Fair.. if they are GUILTY, and if they do the crime, THEY DO THE TIME, just like all of us do, if we dont pay speeding or jay walking ticket, we dont give the court money by paying there fine, we go to jail, or we refuse to pay our taxes,, we loose all, plus prison,, same with all elites, ALL POLITICIANS, ALL DC, BOTH SIDES,, IF THEY ARE CRIMINAL, CORRUPT, CROOKED, THEN THEY MUST FACE JUSTICE.. if they hurt, harm, do evil to little children, to kids, teens, women, THEY MUST BE PUNISHED HEAVY HARD. IF THERE BANK ACCOUNTS HAVE INCREASED BY TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS--OVER NIGHT, Then they must be investigated, this goes for all the cartel leaders, Congress, Senators, State governors, city mayors, city police, judges, federal judges, supreme court justices, city county dog catchers, false church prophets, corrupt preachers, harlot churches, false religions hiding behind 501c3, directors of abc agencies, military generals. Military officers, any corrupt federal, state, county, city agents, officers, this goes for current ones, and former ones if there crime was serious, THIS includes pelosi, cruz, TRUMP, BIDEN, HILARY, BUSH 43, CHENEY, OBAMA...and there family. ALL,,, lady justice wears a blindfold .. for a reason,, and we are all equal, the same Laws apply to all of us equally.... Integrity, Honesty, Truth, Right, FAIR....137
    Ps:: and any and all who are falsely accused, lies told and used, railroaded, falsely convicted, the INNOCENT who were found guilty, the innocent who were still found guilty, were convicted, were sent to prison, are still in prison, because of corruptions,, they must be freed, things made right for them. And the corrupt ones must be charged, .

  • Tim Twitch

    Tim Twitch

    Pred 9 dnevi

    Farmers use big tools,,, that is not what she Said. ....

  • mercedes oliva

    mercedes oliva

    Pred 9 dnevi

    first you clean up the area and check where is coming from ...

  • Oveylia


    Pred 9 dnevi

    13 more days!!!!

  • framfull


    Pred 9 dnevi

    Must be nice with metric wrenches🤡

  • Carson Kellner

    Carson Kellner

    Pred 9 dnevi

    What state are y’all in

  • Steven Popham

    Steven Popham

    Pred 9 dnevi

    dude the amount of commercials on this video is about to cause us to unsuscribe, 4 and we are only 16 minutes in to this video. I know the income helps but this sucks

  • upupaepops


    Pred 9 dnevi

    Seems a constant challenge with keeping things fixed at our place. Some days you feel like you take one step forward and two steps back. Having said that, can I say how jealous I am of your "parts store" ? Lol... I think half our time some days is spent making runs to Tractor Supply, etc for yet another set of bolts that we don't have. :)

  • Kevin Klingner

    Kevin Klingner

    Pred 9 dnevi

    far better than picking myriads of rocks by machine rather than busting your back walking around and picking the brutes up as I had to since I was Five. my feet knees and lower back are shot because of this and all the other heavy lifting up have done over the years.

  • Kevin Klingner

    Kevin Klingner

    Pred 9 dnevi

    far better than picking myriads of rocks by machine rather than busting your back walking around and picking the brutes up as I had to since I was Five. my feet knees and lower back are shot because of this and all the other heavy lifting up have done over the years.

  • Kevin Klingner

    Kevin Klingner

    Pred 9 dnevi

    How good are those glasses as dust protection and are they very good protection against bushfire smoke?
    If so what is the brand name?

  • Gustav n

    Gustav n

    Pred 9 dnevi

    i am a new subscriber from sweden.

  • Bobcat Smith

    Bobcat Smith

    Pred 9 dnevi

    What you need is an automatic air system too blow off the corn dust and dirt. Get 1/2" pipe, 3 peaces with air nozzles and a pressure switch plate. Tie it into the air system so when you step on the pressure plate the air will blow off the corn dust. Just a thought.
    Love the video's keep up the good work and god bless and stay safe.

  • Larry Thompson

    Larry Thompson

    Pred 9 dnevi

    I bought a Rick bucket for the skid loader. Much cheaper, and still enough for my acres.

  • YoungKuk Yeon

    YoungKuk Yeon

    Pred 9 dnevi

    [ WD -40 ].

  • YoungKuk Yeon

    YoungKuk Yeon

    Pred 9 dnevi

    # 442,512 x0021 x0501 =1602.

  • Andrew Poloni

    Andrew Poloni

    Pred 9 dnevi

    You always pick rock ... don't you ever pick paper or scissors?

  • Joseph Lawless

    Joseph Lawless

    Pred 9 dnevi

    I bet a lot of those bigger rocks would like a new home down in Arizona. Or yard features over at your dads lake house. You could probably sell a truck load of them off to water front folk as shoreline protection. Get paid for all the rock picking.

  • Henry Lopez

    Henry Lopez

    Pred 9 dnevi

    That wd-40 degreaser did an a-maize-ing job!

  • Ruben Kelevra

    Ruben Kelevra

    Pred 9 dnevi

    Have you tried a rock burier instead of the ususal tillage and a rock picker?

  • Ruben Kelevra

    Ruben Kelevra

    Pred 9 dnevi

    Not that into the tech of those bins, but why the heck is the tech not outside and just a simple bearing holding the auger inside? 🤔

  • Roger Embry

    Roger Embry

    Pred 9 dnevi

    That would have been better if you said, farmers have big tools lol 😂

  • Josh Butterfass

    Josh Butterfass

    Pred 9 dnevi

    It pays to remove the tire for better access

  • Dasquadwith6


    Pred 9 dnevi

    Let us know if you discover any cannon balls... :D

  • SavannahREI


    Pred 9 dnevi

    Farming must be the most capital intensive business of all. And, there must be 1,000 ways to die on a farm!

  • Fred Flintstone

    Fred Flintstone

    Pred 9 dnevi

    Wow, that is a nice miniature tractor. What size of pebbles are you scraping up?

  • Robert Heinkel

    Robert Heinkel

    Pred 10 dnevi

    I remember doing field work, but picking up rocks as I went along. I was putting the rocks on the platform by my feet. By the time I got done, the brake pedals were buried under the rocks, and not usable.

  • Hairy DairyMan

    Hairy DairyMan

    Pred 10 dnevi

    If you have hydrolic pressure you'll have leaks soon enough

  • Gert VC

    Gert VC

    Pred 10 dnevi

    Would some kind of rubber tube or hose on the loading arm help against the dust?

  • Baron Clime

    Baron Clime

    Pred 10 dnevi

    I would much rather pick rocks with your machine than by hand. I can't count the hours I've spent trudging through a field putting rocks in a bucket or on a trailer. That said we often had to pick up every rock we saw. Many of the smaller ones (kid fist sized of so) got some dirt pushed over them just because. But I guess it was "character building" lol. I still hate picking rock and I've not done it for at least 20 years.

  • Bruce Falcon

    Bruce Falcon

    Pred 10 dnevi

    Great video! Thanks for sharing. Onyx is growing like a weed!

  • Kristaps Ozolins

    Kristaps Ozolins

    Pred 10 dnevi

    Maybe you should move corn from one bin to another once in a 3 month or so, maybe coukd avoid plugs.

  • Quinn Odenthal

    Quinn Odenthal

    Pred 10 dnevi

    Hit it with your purse!!

  • Stephen Farlow

    Stephen Farlow

    Pred 10 dnevi

    19:54 because we was born with small ones.

  • Christopher Sanders

    Christopher Sanders

    Pred 10 dnevi

    When you were finished with getting the Rock Picker ready to pick and you smiled at the camera, you are a funny dude!!!!!!!

  • Russell Ratliff

    Russell Ratliff

    Pred 10 dnevi

    Thanks for the info on the battery operated grease gun. Got my today. Awesome job, and appreciate your videos. Keep up the good work. Thank you Russell from KY

  • denny tuma

    denny tuma

    Pred 10 dnevi

    never understood farmers always crying they ain't making no money but have millions of dollars of equipment and still get a welfare check

  • North Dakota 322

    North Dakota 322

    Pred 10 dnevi

    need a set of Forks on the 6r loader, to pop the big ones out.